As an impassioned advocate for the better use of innovative technology to improve lives, Hector has pursued his vision of empowering people by carrying forward technology solutions to drive energy efficiency, revolutionize healthcare and other industries, improve information security and accelerate affordable access to the Internet.

When deciding to make an investment in innovative technology, Hector’s criterion comes down to two simple but powerful questions: Is the technology breakthrough? And, can it help people?

Hector invests his time and resources in a wide portfolio of technology partners that have the potential of improving people’s lives.

Hector advises and invests in these technology partners who are driving exciting breakthroughs in areas ranging from cybersecurity and power management to artificial intelligence. Hector encourages firms interested in collaborating or becoming technology partners to reach out to him.Given current events in the U.S. and around the world and the rapid acceleration of technology, Hector also believes true technology leadership is needed.

“Today, technology leadership demands a different perspective - the willingness not just to march forward but sometimes take a step back.”

Instead of technology for technology’s sake, Hector encourages leaders in technology to always ask: Is the technology designed with people in mind? What is the purpose of the technology? Will the technology solution be used for good things? If not good things, Hector advises that technology leaders must have the courage to stand up and the determination to dig their heels in when necessary to do what is right.

Hector believes that innovative technology is only as powerful as it is accessible. He says technology leaders must ensure that the advantages of technology make it into the hands of the broadest amount of people whose lives can be improved. In general, leaders also have an immense responsibility to increase technology literacy. They should inform consumers and voters by actively explaining their new technologies in ways that are easy for everyone to understand.