Hector is dedicated to finding unique ways to encourage people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to exercise their right to vote. He considers one of the key responsibilities of a citizen is to be an active, informed voter.


Hector serves on the Leadership Council of Jolt, a Texas-based organization driving voter registration and voter mobilization among Texas Latinos. Activities include year-round issue organizing, educational initiatives, leadership training and student chapters across the state.


He also supports educational initiatives that help people increase their technology literacy so that they can become aware and better informed on important issues including the advantages of technology or disadvantages.

Example: People may be asked to vote on an initiative in a city to allow driverless cars. If the population is not informed about the pros and cons of driverless cars, then they would only vote on the basis of current publicity.


To increase technology literacy, Hector’s writings often focus on helping others understand emerging technology solutions in simple and engaging terms. Technology is changing so fast, and Hector believes it’s critical to have informed consumers and informed voters. He writes and speaks about topics ranging from cyber security, blockchain, artificial intelligence, the environment, nanotechnology and the Internet of Things to help people stay on top of the changes. He encourages people to be intellectually curious so they have a basic level of understanding that will equip them to hold technology manufacturers accountable.

Hector also works to help motivate people to have a desire to really know the truth about situations and current events so they can be informed voters. For example, he believes the duties of a citizen and those who consume news involves determining what is fact-based and what is not. Technology has enabled a proliferation of news coming in constantly and rapidly. Given this, Hector encourages people to always seek out a variety of opinions and perspectives and to take the responsibility to look at all different sides - with a balance of news sources. Responsibilities of a citizen begin with being accurately informed on facts.